Mollificio Italia
Balestre e Bracci per Sopensioni Pneumatiche
The description of our Group beginnings and following evolutions overlaps with the identification of the typical phenomenon concerning Italian firms: it's a family business which turns into a branched and complex holding. More than half a century has already gone by the beginning of a process which turned a car repair company to one of the main commercial and productive activities in South Italy, getting and then consolidating its absolute and unquestionable prestige in automotive field. My father Domenico Esposito, thanks to his intuition, attitude, determination and persistency, had been conquering wider and wider trade market; market not adequately defended (business intuition) or at least defended by unstructured competitors (technique skills) or economically competitive (determination and persistency). Having deeply loved him, we have been using our energies to make this inheritance to continue having good results in the future. We feel that it is a responsibility first towards ourselves and then towards market and our collaborators.
My father started working since he was a young boy, after the Second World War, a period just before the economical boom of the '60s, featured by pioneering aspects in each business field. This is the reason why there was huge and continuous learning and experimentation; technological acceleration was yet to come and growth outlooks helped the observation of business scenery, making it easy to identify characteristics and needs. It's just by observing this scenery that my father developed a wider and wider interest towards suspensions systems, especially relating to trucks, since they have to transport heavy loads on quite rough roads. He had the intuition it was high time to produce a kind of spring responding with a better efficiency to flexibility needs and carrying capability, than the most of similar products on the market of the time. From intuition to production the step was short, if we consider the still artisanal method of hand hot bending on the forge and of camber arch bending estimation of the time. The product he created was the starting point of a gradual expansion of his business. The workshop got enlarged, spring production activity was added to the repair activity, featuring as the stepping stone from which the new activity in its multiple aspects was going to take off. In the following years, in fact, core business has been enlarging so that the distribution of car parts took off, on direct licence by main car constructors; the covered business areas has been getting wider and wider , including Central and South Italy, through the acquisition of proprieties and getting international agreements as for the production of springs, which demand started then needing industrial output.
Filena Esposito
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